It’s a Great Time to Have Your Vehicle Detailed. Here’s Why.

 Why should you have your vehicle professionally detailed- and why is this a good time to do it? This winter has been rough on all of us- and on our vehicles. Odds are pretty good that right about now your car is quite dirty- inside and out. It’s also a good bet that right about […]

2015- The Year of the Pothole? (And some things you can do about it.)

 This is shaping up to be one of the worst years ever for potholes in New England. And that means a lot of vehicles are going to need an alignment. Luckily, Nissan of Keene has a Springtime Alignment Special right now. (Click HERE for details.) When you hit a pothole it can cause your vehicle’s […]

Winter Driving is Hard on Your Vehicle’s Oil. (But There is Good News.)

This sure has been a long, rough winter. It’s been hard on all of us- and on our cars. A good example of this is what happens to your oil in cold weather. When your engine is cold, it operates in a way that makes the fuel mixture run more “rich”, which causes excess fuel […]

Nissan Service in New Hamphire : Free 100 Point Inspection and Other Goodies

It’s Care Car Month at Nissan of Keene, and we’re making sure your Nissan is in the best shape possible. You can bring in your Nissan for a  to evaluate the health of your vehicle- and also register to win swell prizes- like free maintenance for life, by clicking here —> <—– The event […]