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oil-change-nh This sure has been a long, rough winter. It’s been hard on all of us- and on our cars. A good example of this is what happens to your oil in cold weather.

When your engine is cold, it operates in a way that makes the fuel mixture run more “rich”, which causes excess fuel to spill down past the piston rings and into the crankcase. Over time, this dilutes the oil and breaks down its chemical fortifying packages, which ultimately diminishing the oil’s ability to flow.

oil-changeThis change in viscosity decreases the oil’s ability to protect the internal engine parts. It also causes it to resist vaporization and oxidation. Other damaging effects are acid buildup and ash, causing a further breakdown of viscosity as well as internal sludge buildup.

In plain English: Winter driving is hard on your engine’s oil.

But there is good news. Right now Nissan of Keene is offering a buy one, get one free oil change.

Details are HERE.


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