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Recently, Ben Smith, a salesperson at Nissan of Keene, leased an all electric Nissan LEAF. We interviewed him for this blog post.


So Ben, why did you decide to lease a Nissan LEAF?

“Well, I just couldn’t beat it. The lease payments are very inexpensive, just $199 a month. There are no oil changes, I buy no gas- and I was paying around $200 month anyway for gas.
 I don’t commute a lot, and I think the average person would save even more. I find it’s a good feeling to have no tailpipe emissions because I am environmentally conscious. And the technology on the car is fascinating. I love that it calls me on my iPhone and tells me when it’s charged up.

  And it’s just cool- the idea of being in an all-electric car.”

And what surprised you about the Nissan LEAF, Ben?

 “Turns out it’s quite smooth- and really good in the snow. We had a bad snowstorm recently, with two feet of snow. The roads had 3 inches of snow when I headed for work at 7:30. There was no problem, in fact everyone else was doing like 10 MPG and I was doing 30 MPH, and I felt very confident in the snow. The low center of gravity on the LEAF seems to make it very nimble in the snow.”

 You can contact Ben Smith at (888) 266-3408, and/or
Visit our Nissan LEAF website at




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