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Monthly Archives: April 2011

NH AltimaThe Nissan Altima is now America’s best-selling sedan. With a total of 32,289 Altimas sold during the month of March, the long-time rival of mainstays like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord secured a huge win for Nissan.

Nissan as a whole also came out ahead in March, posting sales of 121,141 vehicles versus 95,468 the same month last year. That’s an increase of 28.4 percent, and it also means Nissan held 8.8-percent total market share that month—another milestone.

This dramatic increase is just one of many of Nissan’s achievements this past March, which also saw the Rogue gaining 68.8 percent in sales over the same month last year, as well as the Sentra gaining 104.7 percent.

Nissan continues to shatter its sales goals in this record-setting Q1 of 2011 and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. With numbers this big, Nissan is looking at a banner year for 2011.

Nissan of Keene homepage

Nissan of Keene in Keene NH now features the all new Nissan Commercial Vehicles.


Nissan of Keene is proud to announce a new website devoted to the new line of Nissan Commercial Vehicles. The site featuring the new Nissan Commercial vans and trucks, is located at .

Based on a chassis similar to that of Nissan’s full-size Titan pickup, these vans represent an entirely new line of business for the automaker in the U.S. market. (Nissan of Keene will primarily serve customers in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, but customers from anywhere in New England are welcome.)

They are full-size (maxi) vans that come in three versions, the NV1500, NV2500HD and NV3500HD, and offer a choice of a V-6 or V-8 engine and either a standard-height roof or a raised roof that is high enough for someone 6-foot-3 to stand up inside.

The NV has a 120-inch cargo floor length and 70.2-inch maximum interior width. Standard models can accommodate cargo up to 55.8 inches, while those with the high roof can hold items up to 76.9 inches high. That also allows the interior to be configured as a mobile workspace, in which most people would be able to stand up without touching the ceiling

The dealership is very enthusiast about this new line of Nissan vehicles, which will be at the New Hampshire dealership in April. (Both Nissan Commercial Vans and Trucks are expected at that time.) Nothing quite like these vehicles were available before now, and Nissan of Keene is proud to offer this entirely new line. “A work vehicle that’s more than a van.”

Visit Nissan Commercial Vehicles dot US – and see what all the excitement is about.

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